Just hashing out a little preliminary work for the Pirate Kart at the moment, to help me get a little better prepped for when it all kicks off tomorrow. Got a couple of different ideas knocking around, hopefully I can beat one of ‘em into some kind of functional shape. Here’s hoping anyway.

To say this’ll be a learning experience would be quite the understatement. Not only will it be my first released title (trainwreck though it may well be), it’ll also be my first time using Ren’Py for development and Manga Studio EX for inking and artwork. Ah well, suppose there’s no point making things too easy for myself : p

I’ll be pretty flat out as of tomorrow (other than a rough idea of what I’ll be doing, all music, artwork, scripting and writing will be done within 48 hours), so I’ll probably see you on the other side with what passes for a finished title in a day or two. Good luck to everyone taking part and let’s have a blast.