copybook sketch

Haven't drawn in Biro for ages.

Just about to submit my entry for the Pirate Kart thing, so thought I’d put something here in case someone comes here after playing and wonders where all the bloody content is. So, yeah…

FFS is a bit of a work-in-progress at the moment, and HellBounders is the first part of that. There should be more stuff on the way pretty sharpish. I’ll be updating with new comics every Tuesday and Friday, and some more games as and when they’re done. I had an absolute blast working on the Kart, ham-shaggering though it was, so am very much looking forward to doing some more stuff in that vein.

There’ll be more actual gameplay to future¬†instalments¬†too. I just picked up Ren’Py a couple of days ago, so designing a battle system or whatever was out of the question. I’ll get my Python hat on though, and hopefully have something interesting for the next time around. I’m a bit of a TBS geek, so I’ll try and figure out some new and exciting ways for the gals to get their daemon on.

So watch this space. Or do something more interesting in the meantime. The Machine Girl‘s on Netflix, I’d go for that.

Hope you had fun with the game, sorry it wasn’t a bit longer. I shagged myself out on those graphics, to be honest. It was a riot though.